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26 July, 2010

Benefits of Upanishad Teachings in the form of Dialogue

Upanishads teachings are generally presented in the form of “Dialogue”. What is the purpose of presenting these teachings in the form of dialogue? We shall discuss about this here. The benefits are enumerated here.

Firstly, to grasp the teaching easily for the sake of easier understanding. The Upanishad teachings are extremely subtle, secret and difficult to understand. Hence, simplification is required and the teachings are presented in the form of dialogue.

Secondly the Vedanta deals with the subtle and secret objects, therefore, for the purpose of easier understanding the Upanishad Teachings are presented in the form of dialogue.

Thirdly, many likely questions were raised by the disciple and answered by the Guru to clear the misunderstanding in the statements and to understand the inner message crystal clear.


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