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29 April, 2016

Power of Non Doing

       The science of physics initially believed that all material is matter:  When the evolution of scientific observation and with the aid of technology, the scientists discovered that matter is actually arrangement of atoms.  

Further, discoveries revealed that atoms have a structure.  It consists of Nuclei made of protons and neutrons and electrons that seemed to have no structure. Later it was discovered that protons and neutrons are also made of smaller particles called quarks.  

And today, science claims that all the particles, all the carriers of forces, are excitation of string-like objects. According to this theory, quarks are not viewed as points anymore, but as one-dimensional strings made up of an infinite number of sub-quarks all around the string.

Theory Of  Everything [TOE]

       According to the string theory, elementary particles are loops of one-dimensional strings vibrating at dizzy speeds.  The substance of all the particles and hence all atom and matter is one. The string theory is called as the Theory Of Everything [TOE].  This is one of the most fascinating theories of science because it proves the oneness of existence.  The same vibrating string vibrates in infinite ways and becomes infinite particles.  What is unifying and simple about a string is that all of the particles are all excitations of the same one object - the vibrating strings.

       Science has finally concluded that everything is vibration.  But this is what spirituality has been claiming from the beginning.  Finally the old is looking new.  


       Spirituality had always explained, the more gross the matter; the lesser the frequency of vibrations; subtler the matter; higher the frequency of vibrations.  Though all matter is constituted by the same vibrating strings, they resonate at different frequencies - depending on how gross or subtle the matter is.  Thus, the difference between the gross physical body and the subtler  mind is only in the difference in the frequency of vibrations.  So, when you know how to tune into different frequencies, you can tune into the thought flow of others.  You can trade and share minds.


       SILENCE is fundamentally vibrations with the highest frequency.  Haven't you noticed that the blades almost appear extinct when they rotate at a great speed?  So, when the strings vibrate at their highest frequency; they almost seem like nothing which is silence.  However, it is from these highest vibrations all the relatively lower vibrations originate.  Hence, spiritual expression, everything comes from nothing.  

Everything comes from nothing

       Everything is born out of silence.  Anything can be created from that state of silence.  There is so much scientific truth to the expression, "When a thought is released from the seat of silence, a mere wish becomes a command to the universe."  After all, isn't the smallest of particles enough to cause endless ripples in a still water lake?  

       Traditionally, whenever enlightened people discovered a place with high vibrations, they formulated and formed a  place of worship in that location.  The science behind places of worship is to create a space where people can come and inherit the vibrations of that place.  When a man stands inside a rose garden long enough, won't he come out smelling roses?  In experiencing a space of high vibrations long enough, you inherit the vibrations of that place.  In fact, it is for this reason that people come to visit those who return from pilgrimage.  The idea being, in the presence of those who have inherited the vibrations from places of pilgrimage, the visitors can in turn inherit vibrations. That is why it is foolish to argue, 'If god is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, what is the necessity to to places of worship'.  God may be omnipresent, but higher vibrations aren't.  They are concentrated only in a few places.      

       While some spaces fill people with vibrations, some people fill spaces and vibrations.  The idea behind inviting spiritually evolved souls to initiate new spaces, from temples to offices to homes, is because these people can fill spaces with their vibrations.  In fact, a spiritually evolved person, apart from all other characteristics, is one who remains centered and attuned to vibrations of the higher frequency.  That is why it is said even when a Master speaks his within is still silent.  He is always internally tuned to the higher vibrations.  And when a person or space is filled with higher vibrations; all things become possible.  After all, all the relatively low frequencies of vibrations emanate from the high frequency vibrations.  

Power of Non-Doing

       However, vibrations can be transferred and inherited only in a state of non-doing.  That's why significance of you being asked to sit silently in places of worship, after you are done with your ritualistic practices.  That's the significance of sitting in a state of non-doing, either in a space of high vibrations or in the presence of spiritually evolved soul with high vibrations, the vibrations will be transferred unto you.  That's why you are asked not to speak in the presence of the spiritually evolved, for it isn't time for doing, but it is time for non-doing.  The power of non-doing is that it enables you to tune in and inherit the higher vibrations, and in the presence of higher vibrations, all things are possible.  Everything is possible.

       Robert Frost rightly put it when he said, 

"We dance around in a ring and suppose,
but the secret sits in the middle and knows."  

       Also, Franz Kafka said, 

"It is not necessary that you leave the house.
Remain at your table and listen.
Do not even listen; only wait.
Do not even wait; be wholly still and alone.
The world will present itself to you for its unmasking,
it can do nothing else, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet."

       So the spiritual expression"...where he sat became a temple."

       Go searching.... Find'.  Having found a SOURCE high in vibrations, make a temple in your heart to your SOURCE.  And from that moment of connect, watch the way your life is led Higher Deeper Beyond.....

Source: Excerpts from the magazine "Infinithoughts" .

17 April, 2016

Devraha Baba - An Ageless Yogi

       Practically every summer Devraha Baba, who lives in East Uttar Pradesh, comes to a shrine in the Himalayan mountains fora  few months.  

       He is said to be quite aged.  I do not know this directly, but I have heard Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India, say that from his own experience he can attest to the fact that Devraha Baba is more than 150 years of age.  

       He is said that in his childhood his father took him to this baba, who was then a very old man.  At the time he gave the statement, Dr. Prasad was more than seventy years of age.  This statement aroused my curiosity, and I made it a point to meet this baba when he stopped in Rishikesh on his way to the mountain shrine.

       We conversed often there.  He was living in a temporary pine wood hut which was constructed for him wherever he went.  Sometimes he also lived in tree houses.  He looked quite healthy and appeared to be in his seventies.  Athough he is very austere and gentle and doesn't allow any student to touch him, he sometimes gives discourses on divine love.

       He is very famous in North India.  Huge crowds assemble to have his darshan [glace].  He has a large following, and the police and other government officers often visit him with the desire to be blessed.  Several of my American students visited him during Kumbha Mela [a great fair which is held every twelve years in India] at Hardiwar in 1974.

       I tried to find out the secret of how he lived to be so aged.  I discovered that he practices certain aspects of yoga regularly, and that he eats only fruits and vegetables.  There are many specific practices in yoga; individual aspirants choose those which suit them.

Maha Samadhi

       During my conversation with Baba he said, "Happiness is the greatest wealth of all.  Punctuality is essential.  Practising advanced methods of breathing is equally important.  The technique of agelessness is a technique of pranayama."  Tis Devraha Baba is a symbol of love.

Source: Excerpts from the book on "Living with the Himalayan Masters" by Swami Rama

01 April, 2016

Lighting lamp in these ways can change your life and attract Goddess Lakshmi

Lighting lamp in these days will attract Goddess Lakshmi and keep away the evil from your house.

1.  This simple trick can attract Goddess Lakshmi without much effort

       The light symbolizes knowledge, positivity and tranquility, and lighting lamps [diyas] or earthen lamps on daily basis is considered highly auspicious.  It is said that regular lighting of lamps removes darkness, ignorance and evil.

2.  Lamps and Puja Room

       Since the light of a ghee lamp is believed to bring in prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, it is customary rule in India to start all the auspicious religious events or social functions by lighting the lamp.  By doing so it is believed that we invite the divine to come and bless us.

3.  What is Aarti?

       In Hindu temples an elaborate "Aarti" prayer ceremony is performed with 5 days burning at once, and waved gently in a circular motion - in a clockwise manner, in front of the picture or statue or a deity.  This aarti ritual literally purifies the atmospheric air.  It symbolizes our dedication and oneness with the Lord.

4.  Lamp Shlokam

       This sloka is to be recited while lighting lamp -

'Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah, Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Dipa Jyotir Namostute.  Deepajothi Parabrahma Deepajyothi Janardhana, Deepo me hara to paapam Deepaa Jyothir Namostute.'

5.  Lighting Lamp can change your life

       Do you know the oil; the wick and the direction in which you light lamp can make a huge difference in your life?"  

       Lighting lamp with a different wick or using a different oil can change your luck without much effort.  Take a look at different kinds of wicks and their benefits.

6.  Banana wick

       Lighting a wick made of banana stem fiber helps seek forgiveness for the mistakes you made unknowingly, it also cures you from ancestral curses.

7.  Cotton wick

       A cotton wick is the most common and easiest available wick.  If you use cotton wick, you obtain good fortune.

8.  Rose water wick

       It is one of the easiest trick to attract abundance by pleasing goddess Lakshmi.  Take a white cloth immersed in rose water, dry it and use the same to create a wick.  By using this wick for lightening lamp on a regular basis, you will not only attract Goddess Lakshmi but also attract peace in life.

9.  Yellow Sari wick

       If you are suffering from any problem in your marital or love life, then this is the solution.  Wick made from yellow sari cloth helps in eradicating problem between husband and wife and solve all love related problems.

10.  Wicks from Lotus stem

       If you want to remove all your previous birth karma and are willing to establish a happy and prosperous life, this wick can help you.

11.  A new yellow cotton cloth

       If you use yellow cotton cloth as a wick to light the lamp, you can please Goddess Parvati.

12.  Red cotton cloth

       The regular use of red cotton cloth as wick removes al marriage obstacles and child related problems.

13.  Different types of Oil used in diyas

       The ghee and the flame signifies Goddess Lakshmi who blesses us with wealth, the brightness of the flame resemble Goddess Saraswati who blesses us with education and knowledge and the heat from the flame signifies Goddess Durga who burns away and destroys all evil.  Here are the different types of oils one can use for lighting divya and their respective benefits.

14.  Pure Ghee

       It is considered as the best for lighting the diyas.  It ensures prosperity, health and happiness.

15.  Coconut Oil

       If you want to please Lord Ganapati, use coconut oil for lighting diyas.

16.  Sesame Oil

       Regular use of Sesame oil ensures removal of obstacles and evil effects that haunt you.  Lighting diya during Shani Mahadasha, Antardasha and in Sade-Sati period with sesame oil helps you please Lord Saturn.

17.  Neem Oil

       Lighting neem oil diyas helps in bringing prosperity in the house.

18.  Castor Oil

       Castor oil diyas ensures fame, happiness and gives you a devotional mind set.

19.  Panchadeepa Oil

       It is highly recommended oil for lighting earthen lamps.  Mix coconut oil, sesame oil, neem oil, Iluppai (mahua tree) oil and ghee in the ratio of 3:2:1:2:2 respectively or you can directly buy it from the market.  A Panchadeepa Oil lamp keeps the home and its inmates protected from evil, illness and bad thoughts.  It ensures prosperity and all forms of wealth.  The granaries in the house are full and the home is brimming with joy and laughter.  Children will be healthy and obedient.

20.  Say no to Sunflower oil while lighting lamp

       It is strictly forbidden to use groundnut or sunflower oil to light lamps. Our elders always said that lighting groundnut oil creates debts in the home.  The people living in the home are always bickering for money.

21.  Important rules to follow

       Here is some more information related to lighting lamp.  Always use minimum 2 and maximum 3 wicks for lighting the lamp.  It symbolizes the trinity-Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  After lighting the lamp do not rub the excess oil on your hair, it will make you lose your wealth.  Also rubbing in your own dress is also not good.  So keep a piece of cloth in your pooja room and rub the excess oil on it.  After head bath, one should remove the head towel before lighting the lamp.

22.  Lighting lamp in particular direction ..... North

       Lighting lamp in North direction brings wealth and prosperity.  One is blessed with 8 kinds of wealth or Ashtaishwaryas of Goddess Lakshmi who empowers her devotees, giving them luxuries in the form of wealth.

23.  East

       Lighting lamp in East will bring good health and peace of mind.

24.  West

       Lighting lamp in West makes you free from debts and ensures victory over foes.

25.  South

       We should never light a lamp in the South direction.  It brings bad luck.

Source: Article from Speaking Tree