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01 April, 2016

Lighting lamp in these ways can change your life and attract Goddess Lakshmi

Lighting lamp in these days will attract Goddess Lakshmi and keep away the evil from your house.

1.  This simple trick can attract Goddess Lakshmi without much effort

       The light symbolizes knowledge, positivity and tranquility, and lighting lamps [diyas] or earthen lamps on daily basis is considered highly auspicious.  It is said that regular lighting of lamps removes darkness, ignorance and evil.

2.  Lamps and Puja Room

       Since the light of a ghee lamp is believed to bring in prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, it is customary rule in India to start all the auspicious religious events or social functions by lighting the lamp.  By doing so it is believed that we invite the divine to come and bless us.

3.  What is Aarti?

       In Hindu temples an elaborate "Aarti" prayer ceremony is performed with 5 days burning at once, and waved gently in a circular motion - in a clockwise manner, in front of the picture or statue or a deity.  This aarti ritual literally purifies the atmospheric air.  It symbolizes our dedication and oneness with the Lord.

4.  Lamp Shlokam

       This sloka is to be recited while lighting lamp -

'Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah, Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Dipa Jyotir Namostute.  Deepajothi Parabrahma Deepajyothi Janardhana, Deepo me hara to paapam Deepaa Jyothir Namostute.'

5.  Lighting Lamp can change your life

       Do you know the oil; the wick and the direction in which you light lamp can make a huge difference in your life?"  

       Lighting lamp with a different wick or using a different oil can change your luck without much effort.  Take a look at different kinds of wicks and their benefits.

6.  Banana wick

       Lighting a wick made of banana stem fiber helps seek forgiveness for the mistakes you made unknowingly, it also cures you from ancestral curses.

7.  Cotton wick

       A cotton wick is the most common and easiest available wick.  If you use cotton wick, you obtain good fortune.

8.  Rose water wick

       It is one of the easiest trick to attract abundance by pleasing goddess Lakshmi.  Take a white cloth immersed in rose water, dry it and use the same to create a wick.  By using this wick for lightening lamp on a regular basis, you will not only attract Goddess Lakshmi but also attract peace in life.

9.  Yellow Sari wick

       If you are suffering from any problem in your marital or love life, then this is the solution.  Wick made from yellow sari cloth helps in eradicating problem between husband and wife and solve all love related problems.

10.  Wicks from Lotus stem

       If you want to remove all your previous birth karma and are willing to establish a happy and prosperous life, this wick can help you.

11.  A new yellow cotton cloth

       If you use yellow cotton cloth as a wick to light the lamp, you can please Goddess Parvati.

12.  Red cotton cloth

       The regular use of red cotton cloth as wick removes al marriage obstacles and child related problems.

13.  Different types of Oil used in diyas

       The ghee and the flame signifies Goddess Lakshmi who blesses us with wealth, the brightness of the flame resemble Goddess Saraswati who blesses us with education and knowledge and the heat from the flame signifies Goddess Durga who burns away and destroys all evil.  Here are the different types of oils one can use for lighting divya and their respective benefits.

14.  Pure Ghee

       It is considered as the best for lighting the diyas.  It ensures prosperity, health and happiness.

15.  Coconut Oil

       If you want to please Lord Ganapati, use coconut oil for lighting diyas.

16.  Sesame Oil

       Regular use of Sesame oil ensures removal of obstacles and evil effects that haunt you.  Lighting diya during Shani Mahadasha, Antardasha and in Sade-Sati period with sesame oil helps you please Lord Saturn.

17.  Neem Oil

       Lighting neem oil diyas helps in bringing prosperity in the house.

18.  Castor Oil

       Castor oil diyas ensures fame, happiness and gives you a devotional mind set.

19.  Panchadeepa Oil

       It is highly recommended oil for lighting earthen lamps.  Mix coconut oil, sesame oil, neem oil, Iluppai (mahua tree) oil and ghee in the ratio of 3:2:1:2:2 respectively or you can directly buy it from the market.  A Panchadeepa Oil lamp keeps the home and its inmates protected from evil, illness and bad thoughts.  It ensures prosperity and all forms of wealth.  The granaries in the house are full and the home is brimming with joy and laughter.  Children will be healthy and obedient.

20.  Say no to Sunflower oil while lighting lamp

       It is strictly forbidden to use groundnut or sunflower oil to light lamps. Our elders always said that lighting groundnut oil creates debts in the home.  The people living in the home are always bickering for money.

21.  Important rules to follow

       Here is some more information related to lighting lamp.  Always use minimum 2 and maximum 3 wicks for lighting the lamp.  It symbolizes the trinity-Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.  After lighting the lamp do not rub the excess oil on your hair, it will make you lose your wealth.  Also rubbing in your own dress is also not good.  So keep a piece of cloth in your pooja room and rub the excess oil on it.  After head bath, one should remove the head towel before lighting the lamp.

22.  Lighting lamp in particular direction ..... North

       Lighting lamp in North direction brings wealth and prosperity.  One is blessed with 8 kinds of wealth or Ashtaishwaryas of Goddess Lakshmi who empowers her devotees, giving them luxuries in the form of wealth.

23.  East

       Lighting lamp in East will bring good health and peace of mind.

24.  West

       Lighting lamp in West makes you free from debts and ensures victory over foes.

25.  South

       We should never light a lamp in the South direction.  It brings bad luck.

Source: Article from Speaking Tree