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07 May, 2011

Who are you Krishna? Who are you!

It seems after a man died, God was uncertain whether to send him to hell or heaven. He had to his credit as much good deeds as bad ones. So, God offered the man to execute a choice. The main said, “I am quite practical. Unless I have a site to visit to both the places, I cannot make up my mind.” So, accompanied by one of God’s second lines, the man first visited the hell. There he saw an extraordinary banquet, outstanding spread of food, and yet no one was eating. Everybody looked dull and weak. In fact, it did look hell. The man was then led to heaven. Here again he saw an extraordinary banquet, outstanding spread of food, and everybody were eating, dancing and rejoicing. Everybody looked cheerful and excited. It did look heaven. On his return to see God, the man expressed his confusion. “Dear God, though the atmosphere looked the same, why was hell so much hell, and heaven so heavenly?” With a smile, God replied, “You didn’t look properly. In hell and in heaven, a four-feet fork and a spoon are been tied to their respective hands. In hell, everybody is trying to feed themselves, which they cannot with a four-feet fork and a spoon. So they are starving and feeling weak. Their selfishness is turning their atmosphere into hell. In heaven, everybody is feeding the one in front of them. So they are healthy and feeling jubilant. Their selfishness is turning their atmosphere into heaven.”

After an elongated pause, it seems God concluded, “Not only in this eternal world, but even in that earthly world, you will get everything you want from life, if you will help enough other people get what they want from life. In lifting others, you are lifted.

That’s Krishna. From his biological parents to his adopted parents, from his friends to the gopis, from the birds to the animals, from Draupadi to Sudham, from Arjuna to Duryodhana. Krishna was there for everybody. He was dependent on nobody, and yet dependable for everybody. He lived up to the ideal of ‘Love all. Need none’. It never mattered what others did for him. What mattered is what he could do for others.

There lived a man by name Samuel in a Small Village. Samuel was a man of love, affection, integrity and innocence, who helped people at all times and by all means. An embodiment of love he was; but never ever prayed, nor did he know the meaning of prayer. He preferred to serve the masses instead of attending the Sunday Mass. One day an angel appeared before Samuel with a book in her hand. Opening the book the angel read the names of Paul, Peter and Marry and asked Samuel, “Could you please show me the house of these people.” Samuel asked the angel, “What book is this?” The angel replied, “This is the book which contains the names of those people who love God.” Out of curiosity, Samuel asked the angel, “Could you please check for my name too!”. The angel said, “Sorry, your name does not figure in it.” Hearing this Samuel was shaken. The next day the angel came with another book and as she opened it, the name Samuel topped the list. Again out of curiosity Samuel asked the angel, “Now what is this book?” The angel replied, “The Book which I brought yesterday contained the names of those people who love God. This book which I have brought today contains the names of those people whom God loves.” There are people like Samuel in this world who teach us that, “The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.” The Creator cares for those who care for the creations.

Selflessness is another name for Krishna. You are Krishna, when you go into every relationship looking at what you can give and not what you can receive.
Source: FT April 2011.

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