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15 October, 2011

Get your magnet right

In the beginning there were just the five elements, namely, earth, water, air, fire and space.  Then, as a part of the evolutionary process, the first element of earth manifested itself into the sense of touch, and one-sensed creatures came into being.  The vegetable kingdom came into existence.  Plants are one-sensed creatures and they stay rooted to the earth, and it is the earth that nurtures them.

Centuries passed by.  Then the second element of water manifested itself into the sense of taste (saliva), and two-sensed creatures came into being.  Water also symbolises movement.  Insects and worms, moving in search of their food, came into existence.

Centuries passed by, Then the third element of air manifested itself into the sense of smell, and three-sensed creatures came into being. Air is the fundamental carrier of smell.  Air also symbolises flight.  Life forms that can fly in search of their food came into existence. 

Centuries passed by, Then the fourth element of fire manifested itself into the sense of sight, and four-sensed creatures came into being.  Without light outside, which is darkness, and without light within, which is blindness- one cannot see.  Fire symbolises both the light without and the light within.  Life forms with sight came into existence.  

Centuries passed by, Then the fifth element of space manifested itself into the sense of hearing, and five-sensed animals came into being.  Sound travel in space.  The animal kingdom was fully in place. 

That's how, over the centuries, the five elements through the evolutionary process evolved into the various multi-sensed life forms.  Now the big question is, "So what manifested into the six sensed human being?'

Our Universe is a cosmic magnetic field.  Gravity is fundamentally magnetism.  From our galaxy - Milky Way, to our solar system to every celestial body in it, everything is suspended in space, controlled by mutually acting magnetic forces.  All of them are attracting and repelling each other, thus holding each other in their respective positions, and also aiding the rotations and revolutions.  Any imbalance in the cosmic magnetic field, even momentarily, results in the cosmic accidents causing the big bangs ad the falling meteors.

The Bible states, "God created human beings after his own image." 
The Vedas explain, "It is the Paramathma that manifests as the Jeevathmas." 
The Koran assets, "There is Allah, and everything else descended from Him."
Scientifically explained from the cosmic magnetic field manifested this bio magnetic field called human.  The manifested essence of Existence is man.  The basic properties of the magnet, attraction and repulsion, manifested itself as the sixth-sense in man, the sense of discrimination - pain or pleasure, right or wrong, good or bad, this or that  - choosing one and repelling the counter possibility. 

As important it is that the cosmic magnetic field be in perfect sync for the cosmos to be hassle-free, man has to get his magnet right his life to be flowing zero-defect.

There are three components for man to get his magnet right:

1.  His dominant thought and feelings have to be right.

2.  His processes have to be in congruence with his desires.

3.  His energy levels have to be high.

Firstly, whatever your dominant thoughts and feelings are, that become the direction of your magnet, and you attract more of it into your life, and repel the counter possibilities.  This explains the theory of "Like begets like'.  It also explains the prophecy, "Those who have will be given more."  It also explains why the rich get richer and the poor become poorer.  If you are abundant-conscious, then that's what you will attract into your life.  If you are scarcity-conscious, then that's what you will attract into your life.  It also explains why for some people everything is problem and why for some nothing is unsolvable.  It is their dominant thoughts and feelings that make it so.

Let us discuss a few examples.  You have lost a relationship.  You are perpetually lost in the thoughts of that lost relationship.  Feelings of hurt, hatred and revenge engulf your heart.  Now this will become the direction of your magnet.  As a result you will not only draw more and more incidents into your life that leaves you hurt, but will also repel the avenues of love.  When you are attracting the negative, you are obviously repelling the positive.  This explains the reasoning behind, "Why positive thinking?"  Positive thinking helps you to attract the positive, and thus repel the negative.  So it is not without a reason that every religion insisted on the practice of forgiveness.  Blatantly stated, forgiveness is not some saintly quality to emulate, but for the sheer selfishness of getting your magnet right, you need to practice forgiveness.

It is not enough what you think for yourself.  It is  equally important what you think for others.  It is not enough you think good for those who have been good to you.  It is equally important that you think good even for those who have not been good for you.  It is not enough you celebrate your success alone.  It is equally important that you celebrate everyone's success.  Stop looking at what has left you start focusing on what you are left with.  Count your blessings and never your troubles.  Don't feel too much with your failures, but focus on the lessons learnt.  Celebrate every success of yours - run your victory lap.  Never get even with others, but always get ahead.  Never expect gratitude, but never fail to express gratitude. Seek His grace to outperform the competition, but never pray for others' downfall.

Let problems come from anywhere, but let solutions come from you.  Counter every negative thought with five positive thoughts, even if it is a mere mental imposition.  Every time the world tells you, "You can't", remember, "The loudest way to tell the world to shut up is to produce results."  Every time the world tells you, "You can," acknowledge by telling them, "I will prove you right."

Secondly, your processes have to be in congruence with your desires.  It is an eternal law that we do not get in life what we desire, but we deserve.  It is only in getting our processes in congruence with our desires we deserve their fulfilment.  You cannot desire east and go to west.  It takes what it takes to be healthy and fit.  Discipline.  Unless you are tough on yourself life will not be easy on you.  If you want to be a pathfinder you must dare to be pathbreaker.  Risk.  Unless you are willing to subordinate your likes and dislikes you cannot fulfil the purpose of your life.  To be Numero Uno, you got to be the best in what you do.  Learn more than what others know.  Do more than what others expect of you.  If you want Krishna beside you, then you have to qualify yourself as the best warrior.  Simple.  Competence magnetises the divine grace.  If you want the best from life, you  got to give your best in life.  And without purity, there is no spirituality.  Without self-purification the divine shall not descend.  This explains how when the so-called spiritual gurus lose their inner-purity they also lose their spiritual grace.  Without process excellence there cannot be excellence in results.  Consistently perform this process-audit - "Are my processes in congruence with my desires?"

Thirdly, you need to have connectivity to a source of energy, a place or a person.  A house can be run with a residential electricity connection, but not a factory.  A factory would need an industrial connection.  Similarly, our private reserve of energy is enough for us to meet up with our day-to-day demands -  even in that we are fatigued by the end of the day.  Higher the ideals, bigger the goals, deeper the purpose, then greater are the needs for high reserves of energy.  Places of worship, irrespective of the religion, are supposedly spaces with high vibration.  Spiritually evolved people are supposedly the souls with high vibrations.  That's why, some people fill spaces with vibrations.  That's why the saying, "Where he sat became a temple."  Our physics laboratory experiments reminds us that an electromagnetic field cannot function effectively with a voltage drop.  Similarly, for your magnet to work effectively, your energy reserves have to be high.  Stay connected to a spiritual source.  The more you stay in the presence of a rose garden the more you will begin to smell roses.  Find something to hold on to and hold on to it.

The Vedas suggest, true growth is only when a man from a life of 'maximum efforts giving him minimum results' transforms into a life of 'minimum efforts giving him maximum results'.  And the only way to achieve it is by getting our magnet right.  Thought management plus process management plus energy management - all the three have to be right for your magnet to be right.

Gautama Buddha is just a Siddhartha who got his magnet right.  Get God into your team by getting your magnet right.

Source: Excerpt from the article published in FT magazine.

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