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04 February, 2012

Life is to Give

Victor Hugo


       The subject chosen is “Life is to give.” A subject which is totally alien to the present state of World. When we talk about it, it brings bells because we are all human and only human can practice this. When you have two dogs in the House, they play about very friendly. But when you bring food for the dog, you must bring it in a separate plates. Otherwise, if you bring in one plate, no dog will say ‘after you’. Only human being has that quality to say apre’s vou, AFTER YOU. That’s all about giving.

       Life is to Give. Why I am mentioning is this, it is giving pleases the human being. Taking gives negative form of effect. You have to carefully analyse your life. The moment you have the quality of giving, there is a pleasure or joy. The moment of taking comes, it is natural phenomena. In our World, 95% don’t want to give or share anything in the world. The remaining 5% has genuine heart to give but they give it in an unintelligent way. It means they don’t know how to give. Giving wrong time, wrong place and to a wrong person. Therefore, there is a lot suffering in the world. Lot of philanthropist is giving every day, but still the problem not solved.

Le Miserables

       The dignity of human race is founded on the principle of givingVictor Hugo in his novel Les Miserables highlights the benefaction that charity brings to a donee. In the exceptional charity of a priest to convict. The convict escaped from prison. Sought shelter for a night. The priest obliged. And gave him supper and a bed to sleep. The convict silently accepted the good man’s hospitality. In the middle of the night he decamped with the silver plates of the house. The next morning, he was brought in by the police who had caught him. The priest feigned surprise. And embarrassed the policeman, “Why did you harass him? I gifted the plates to him last night.” The policeman apologized and left. The convict was astounded. To crown it all, the priest picked up two solid silver candlestick stands from his desk and gave them to the convict with these resounding words of wisdom: Remember, life is to give, not to take. The convict took them and departed. Thence, he was transformed into a divine person. He became a symbol of service and sacrifice. Such would be the outcome of true charity. You cannot be careless or indifferent in giving. You got to be sure what you are giving.

       No person has a right to claim anything as his.  He ought not to desire, demand from society.   Perhaps his only right in the world is to give, to serve. 
'Be content to serve,' pleaded Christ. 

       The moment you are born the good world provides you with everything you need.  Oxygen to breathe, mother's milk, the right temperature within and without, pressure inside and outside and countless other things.  You become totally indebted to this world.  You must therefore maintain a sense of gratitude through your life.  And serve the world, serve the society, serve one and all.  This is the elements of right living.  The attitude of service maintains your spiritual well being. 

       The Bhgavad Gita says it is criminal to consume the resources of the world without contributing to it: 
He who eats without producing is verily a thief.
Source: Excerpts from the lectures and Book on The Eternities by Swami A Parthasarathy.
Serve the world, the entire world stands in obeisance before you.  Object and beings will be at your beck  and call.  You become a master, no servant.  That is the law of life.

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