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11 May, 2013

35 Qualities of a true devotee

     In the Chapter XII of last portion of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna enumerates the qualities of bhakta, devotee of God.  He deems those possessing these qualities His true devotees. Devotion to God is not blind faith, mere prayer or routine ritual.  True devotion comprises these outstanding qualities.  It also envisages conscious effort to instill these values in his practical living.  The Lord declares Krishna affirms those living these qualities are exceedingly dear to Him.

Devotion and Love

       Devotion and love are two forms of the same emotion.  They  differ only in direction.  When your emotion flows towards a lower object or being it is called 'love'.  You love your children.  Love your pets.  Your home.  When you direct the same emotion towards a higher being it becomes 'devotion'.  You are devoted to your parents.  Devoted to your guru.  To God.   Devotion is not something that one can pass onto another.  It has to be cultivated through your own efforts.  The thirty-five caste values help you develop devotion to god.

35 Qualities of true devotee [Bhaktha]

       The 35 qualities of a true devotee that are mentioned in the verses 13 to 20 of Chapter XII  of Bhagavad Gita are given below:

1)  Not hating any being
2)  Friendliness
3)  Compassionate
4)  Free from attachment
5)  Free from egoism
6)  Balanced in pleasure and pain
7)  Forgiving
8)  Contentment
9)  Yogi One uniting with the Self
10) Self-controlled
12) Having Firm conviction
13) Surrendering the mind and intellect to God.
14) The world not being agitated by him.
15) He being unagitated by the world.
16) Absence of joy, envy, fear and anxiety
17) Desirelessness
18) Purity
19) Competence in action.
20) Indifference
21) Freedom from anxiety
22) Renunciation of the fruits of action
23) Absence of elation, hatred, fear and desire.
24) Renunciation of good and evil
25) Equal-mindedness towards friends and enemies
26) Equanimity in honour and dishonour
27) Equanimity in heat and cold
28) Equanimity in joy and sorrow
29) Non-attachment
30) Equal-mindedness in praise and blame
31) Silence
32) Contentment with what-so-ever obtained by chance.
33) Absence of attachment to home.
34) Firmness in decision
35) Devotion to God

Source: Commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita by
Swami A Parthasarathy.


Sridhar TR said...

Can you please include item 11 also?

Sridhar TR said...

Can you please include point 11 also?

Austin Waugh said...

Great Post and Nice Article….I like it.Thanks for Sharing very informative post.

Manipura Chakra

Sr Valluri said...

point no 11 may be given.Total no. is not tallying.