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20 May, 2013

Swadhisthana Chakra


       The Sanskrit word "swa" means 'one's own' and 'adhishthana' means 'dwelling place, residence'.  Therefore, swadhishthana means 'one's own abode'.  The physical trigger point of swadhisthana chakra is at the base of the spine, at the coccyx (tail bone).  If you place your hand on the bottom of the spine you will feel a small bulb just above the anus.  This is the coccyx bone and the location point for swadhisthana chakra.  Swadhisthana kshetram, or contact centre, is at the level of the pubic bone in front of the body.

Swadhishthana - Home of Shakti

       It is said that swadhisthana chakra was once the seat of kundalini but there was a fall and kundalini descended to mooladhara.  Swadhisthana was the original home of shakti.

    Swadhisthana has a very strong connection with the unconscious mind and its storehouse of samskaras (mental impressions).  It is said that all one's karmas from past lives, previous experiences and impressions are locked away in the centre of the brain which is connected to this chakra.

       Swadhisthana is the centre where one is primarily concerned with seeking pleasurable sensations and instinctively motivated to obtain pleasure through the sense organs in the form of food, sex, wine, etc.  It differs from mooladhara in that here, material objects are sought in order to satisfy the need for security, but with swadhisthana chakra the emphasis is on enjoyment of the pleasurable sensations associated with material objects.  In swadhisthana, samskaras will manifest themselves in the form of overwhelming craving for food, sex, stimulants etc.


      Swadhisthana is a symbolic of the water (apas) principle [tattwa], and is closely related to the sense of taste.  The karmendriya is the kidneys and sex organs

     Swadhisthana is represented as a six-petalled vermilion colored lotus.  The yantra is a white crescent moon and the bija mantra is vam.  The crocodile serves as the vehicle for swadhisthana chakra. It represents the subterranean movement of the karmas and is also the symbol of the unconscious, unformed karmas.

Vajroli/Sahajoli Mudra (thunderbold / spontaneous psychic attitude)

Sit in a siddhasana / siddha yoni asana or any comfortable meditation posture in which the heel presses against the perineum.

The head and spine should be straight.  Relax the body and close the eyes.

Bring your awareness to swadhisthana kshetram.

As you INHALE try to draw sexual organs upwards by pulling and tensing the lower abdomen and contracting the urinary system.

This contraction is similar to which is made when controlling the urge to urinate.

When you have inhaled fully the contraction should be complete.

You will feel the testes or the vagina moves up a little.

HOLD the breath and HOLD the concentration for as long as as is comfortable without causing any strain.

Now as you EXHALE, slowly, with complete awareness and control, release the contraction and let the whole body relax.

This is one round.

Allow the breath to return to normal after each round.

Practice 3 rounds.  

Slowly increase the number of rounds to 10 to 15.

Swadhisthana Dhyana

Focus your awareness at swadhisthana chakra.

Now BREATH in DEEPLY.  As you EXHALE, CHANT the mantra vam on a low note.  CHANT Continuously and rhythmically until exhalation is complete: vam-vam-vam-vam-vam.  

Run one repetition into another in a mala or rosary of unbroken sound and feel the vibration resonating in swadhisthana.

This is ONE round.

Practice 13 rounds.

Become acutely aware of swadhisthana chakra.

Now try to imagine a CROCODILE.  A huge crocodile floating on the surface of still water.  Its eyes are half closed and it looks as though it may be sleeping.  Try to see this crocodile clearly.

Now flash to a WHITE CRESCENT MOON and a dark sky... a white crescent moon and a few twinkling stars shining out from a black sky...  A great expanse of water below... A white crescent moon above a great expanse of water.

EXPAND your vision outward.  See swadhisthana as a vermilion colored lotus.  A vermilion lotus with six petals.  Slowly the lotus begins to turn...six vermilion petals going around and around...spinning lotus...whirling vortex of primal energy.

See yourself being drawn into this spinning whirlpool of energy.

Merge into it and feel its vibrant energy pulsating through YOU.

When this vision has faded, become aware of your natural BREATH.

Become fully aware of your physical body and its surroundings.

CHANT OM 3 times, then slowly open your eyes.

Source:  Excerpts from the book on "Sure Ways to Self-Realization" by Swamy Satyananda Saraswati.


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