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09 June, 2013



       The Sanskrit word vishuddhi means 'purification', therefore this chakra is usually translated as the 'purification centre.  It is the centre that purifies and harmonizes all opposites.  Vishuddhi is often called 'the centre of nectar' because it is the level of being where poison and nectar, good and bad, etc., are united into a common experience of bliss.


       Vishuddhi location point is situated in the spine directly behind the throat pit and the kshetram is in the throat where the thyroid gland is situated.


       Awakening of vishuddhi chakra is responsible for the  maintenance of health, youth and longevity.  When vishuddhi is functioning, degenerated tissues become rejuvenated and disease will not manifest.  One can also completely overcome the need for food and drink.

       Vishuddhi chakra is responsible for picking up the thoughts from the minds of others.  Although people are not aware of it, vishuddhi is actually the centre where the thought waves are received and conducted to the respective centres in the brain.

       Vishuddhi is the centre where one is ready to accept the world for what it is, taking the good with the bad.  The nectar and the poison are both consumed and there is no ill effect from the poison.  One will be able to perceive the sense and intelligence behind all happenings and will be able to flow with the current of life.  He becomes compassionate, peaceful and full of bliss.  It is said that a person who has activated vishuddhi chakra knows all the scriptures without needing to read them. 

Symbolism of Vishuddi 

       The tattwa (principle) of this chakra is ether (akasha).  Vishuddhi is closely related to the sense of hearing and the karmendriya or organ of action is the vocal cords.


       Vishuddhi chakra is represented as a purple lotus with sixteen petals.


       The yantra is a circle, as white as full moon.


       The bija [seed] mantra is ham.  


       The animal which serves as the vehicle of vishuddhi is a pure white elephant.

Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock)

Sit in any meditation posture which allows the knees to firmly touch the floor.

Place the palms of the hands on top of the knees.

Close the eyes and relax the whole body.

INHALE slowly and deeply, and retain the breath inside.

While retaining the breath, bend the head forward and press the chin tightly against the chest.

Straighten the arms and lock them firmly into position.

Simultaneously hunch the shoulders upwards and forward.

This will ensure that the arms stay locked.

Hold this position for as long as you can comfortably retain the breath.

Then relax the shoulders, bend the arms, slowly release the lock, raise the head and exhale.

This is one round.

Practise 3 rounds and gradually increase to 10 rounds.

All your breath to return to normal after each round.

Vishuddhi Dhyana

Focus your awareness at vishuddhi kshetram.

As you inhale imagine that the breath is coming in through vishuddhi kshetram and passes through to the chakra in the spine.

As you exhale chant the mantra ham continuously and rhythmically until the exhalation is complete:  ham-ham-ham-ham-ham and send the mantra forward to vishuddhi kshetram.

Concentrate fully on the sound of the mantra and feel its vibrations resonating in vishuddhi.


Become aware of chidakasha and an infinite space.

Visualize an elephant manifesting in this space.  A huge white elephant...snow white elephant symbolizing purification of the grosser aspects of one's nature.

Now visualize a a full moon...A white circle...yantra of vishuddhi chakra and the elephant either.

Expand your vision outward.  See vishuddhi as a purple lotus.  A purple lotus with sixteen petals.  

Slowly the lotus begins to turn...sixteen purple petals going around and around... spinning lotus...whirling vortex of primal energy.  

See yourself being drawn onto this spinning whirlpool of energy.  

Merge into it and feel its energy pulsating through your body.

When this vision fades, become aware of your natural breath.  

Awareness of your body and its surroundings.

Chant Om 3 times, then slowly open your eyes.

Source:  Excerpts from the book on "SURE WAYS TO SELF-REALIZATION" by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

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